BEAUTIFUL CREATURES To Be Out on Blu Ray and DVD in May


I’ve only read Beautiful Creatures once, and I’ve only seen the movie once, and although there were some major details about the movie that didn’t quite follow the book, I thoroughly enjoyed the presence of the actors of this film.  So, for those of you who felt the same way, you can have the cast grace you with their presence once again via your DVD or Blu Ray player at home.

It’s been announced that the movie will be available on DVD and Blu Ray on May 21, 2013.  Check out the features after the jump.

The movie will be fairly affordable, whether you opt to roll with a Blu-ray or DVD copy, with the former running for $35.99 and the latter costing $28.98. However, the Blu-ray is where all the bonus features are at. While both copies will offer a few bonus features, Blu-ray copies will come with extensive featurettes looking into the making of the film and the creation of a world in South Carolina that is similar to reality with a few supernatural add-ins. You can pre-order the set over at Amazon or check out the full list of extras, below.

Beautiful Creatures Blu-ray Combo Pack Extras

  • Book to Screen
  • The Casters
  • Between Two Worlds
  • Forbidden Romance
  • Alternate Worlds
  • Beautiful Creatures: Designing the Costumes
  • ICONS by Margaret Stohl (Book Trailer)
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Theatrical Trailers

Beautiful Creatures DVD Extras

  • ICONS by Margaret Stohl (Book Trailer)
  • Deleted Scenes

via CinemaBlend.

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