Diane Kruger Talks About Her Role as Seeker in THE HOST

Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger

In a recent article, Diane Kruger, who plays the Seeker for the movie The Host, got to talk a little bit about the role during an interview and what it was like to film the movie.  Here’s what it said:

“Apparently aliens figured out how to do laundry and drive shiny chrome cars that never seem to get dirty,” joked Kruger in a Beverly Hills, Calif., hotel suite while promoting The Host.

Silliness aside, she was seriously involved in the film for an assortment of reasons. She’s a big fan of sci-fi movies and especially The Host director Andrew Niccol’s movie Gattaca.

“Then obviously Stephenie Meyer is a draw,” said the actress. “I really liked Twilight because it appeals to my inner teenage girl.

“And the Seeker was one of the cooler characters to play. She has such an arc in the film, and I thought it would be a really cool thing to be part of the Stephenie Meyer cool kids club.”

That doesn’t mean the part was all fun and games. For one thing, Kruger had to wear disorienting contact lenses in her eyes to give her the appropriate alien look, but the lenses seriously curtailed her lateral vision on set.

“They were not fun,” Kruger said of the tailor-made contacts. “You can see but you can’t see people when they come from the sides. Then at night, you don’t see anything, which actually helped with the performance.”

Even more difficult was finding the right tone for her character who cloaks some underlying contradictions discovered at the conclusion.

“What’s weird is to say lines without intent, to just always be pleasant and then pleasantly terrifying,” said Kruger. “It’s a strange exercise.”

via Vancouver Sun.

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