Robert Redford In Talks For Role in Film

US actor Robert Redford

The 76-year-old Hollywood legend looks likely to portray an older member of the US government agency SHIELD, which in the Marvel Comics universe is a sort of CIA for superheroes and those who work with them. According to the original report, the character bears some resemblance to James Bond’s M, always the head of MI6 in the long-running British spy series. The role, if confirmed, would be Redford’s first appearance in a comic-book film.

via TheGuardian.


RUMOR MILL: Batroc the Leaper to be in Film

This is all according to Latino Review – no confirmation has been made of this news or the one above. 


Hailing from the rough-and-tumble Canadian province of Quebec, it’s Georges St-Pierre, reigning UFC Welterweight Champion and all-around badass! St-Pierre certainly possesses the physical build to play the former French Foreign Legionnaire, but will he be able to talk trash like Batroc, who brags incessantly about his combative prowess? Does he know savate (ze art of boxing with ze feet!)? And can he grow out that pencil-thin, waxed-to-perfection handlebar mustache?

via AICN.

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