Superhero Wednesday: Marvel – DEADPOOL

Deadpool Script 

DeadpoolThe leaked script (somewhere online) written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick is supposedly really good, and really R-rated.  Here’s what they say about it:

We keep reading about is how awesome your Deadpool script is, but that it’s so awesome we might never see it. How would you guys describe the script that’s out there right now that’s so R rated that we can’t…

Rhett Reese: The way I would describe it is to say it’s the best script we’ve ever written and probably ever can write. To us it’s the pinnacle of what we are capable of and we are super proud of it. It will definitely pose a risk, just because it’s an R ratedDeadpool and most comic book movies aren’t, but we just think it’s a phenomenal opportunity and we’ve got a wonderful star in Ryan Reynolds and a wonderful director in Tim Miller and we’ve got some wonderful test footage that he did for it. The script is sitting there, we just want it.

Paul Wernick: We really tapped into the character. They say, “write what you know.” It’s ultimately a self hating….

Reese: (Laughs) Exactly. “An irreverent, vile lunatic.”

Have you talked to Mark Millar at all about it? 

Reese: We’ve been in touch with Mark, because he’s come on as a consultant for Fox, so we are talking to him and we are….

Wernick: We are beating that drum. It’s the one project that we are so passionate to get made and we are doing everything we can. We have a few tricks up our sleeves still.

Reese: We are living a game of thrones, or trying to.

Wernick: You can find the script online actually. It leaked and there are downloads that you can read it yourself.

And you guys are fine with that, because you’re happy with it?

Wernick: As fine with that as we could be.

Reese: We really couldn’t be. I mean we didn’t have a choice. It leaked and we couldn’t do anything about it and for a minute we were appalled and then the reaction was great, so we were excited and now I guess it doesn’t really matter.

Wernick: Wait until you’ve seen Tim’s test. It’s brilliant.

via Slashfilm.


Ryan Reynolds Puts In His Two-Cents


But I’ve always wanted to do the movie if only because Deadpool would get to do his own movie trailer. So that’s a thing that we were dying to do and we would love to be a part of that. I don’t know how it would fit though, no. In the current iteration of the script, it doesn’t address Wolverine – though it does address Deadpool’s appearance in Wolverine. Deadpool was not happy with Deadpool in Wolverine. He has a sort of a WTF!? moment with that.

It’s so, so far into the R-rated zone… it’s a nearly NC-17 world and I just don’t know if the studio would ever risk their reputation doing it. We’ve been developing it and we would never wanna do it unless you could it that R-rated way, so…

via Slashfilm.

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