If you missed the Google Hangout with The Host cast (Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons, Jake Abel, Diane Kruger), author Stephenie Meyer, and Josh Horowitz of MTV, you can watch it below:

00:40 – “What’s the feeling right now?”

01:14 – “What did you learn from the press tour?  Did you learn anything new about each other, in the course of traveling the globe?”

02:00 – “What do you notice in the way that [Stephenie Meyer fans] approach you that’s different than a fan of your other work?”

02:40 – For Saoirse, “What was the most exciting challenge of a role like this, or roles like this?  What was the selling point to signing onto this?”

03:40 – For Max, “Was that difficult to, the first day on set, be where you had to be with Saoirse and have that kind of backstory of this past love affair and have that realized on the first day?”

04:31 – For Jake, “Is there any rivalry whatsoever with Max?”

05:53 – “Were there any difficulties when it came to the stunts?”

07:02 – “What was the hardest scene to shoot?”

07:38 – “How difficult was [wearing the contacts]?”

08:12 – Regarding the look of the alien world, “Was that kind of design scheme in place before you signed on?”

09:02 – “Who is your favorite character from the book?”

09:39 – For Saoirse, “Do you get a little stir crazy? Do you get a little schizophrenic talking to yourself in a way?”

10:58 – For Saoirse, “Who’s a better kisser? Jake or Max?”

12:15 – For Max, “How difficult was it for you to hide your British accent?”

12:45 – For Saoirse, “Accents come to you pretty easily.  Is it fun and easy and rewarding for you take on different accents?”

14:22 – “If The Host had a sequel, would you want to be part of it again?”

15:10 – “What separated The Host from the other things you’ve worked on in the past?”

16:01 – “Do you think any of you would survive the invasion?”

16:34 – “Who do you think is least well-equipped for when the crap hits the fan?”

18:00 – “What’s your favorite thing about your character?”

19:07 – For Saoirse, “Do you have a preference between the one woman and one soul that you get to play? Do you enjoy playing Wanda more than Melanie, or vice versa?”

20:00 – For Stephenie, regarding the cave scene, “Was that something, at the end of the day, when you see this on the big screen, is that kind of a ‘pinch me’ moment, the goosebumps that you feel as a writer, seeing your work realized on the screen? What are a couple of moments?”

20:57 – “In this story, do you guys empathize with the souls or the humans, or can you empathize with both?”

22:25 – For Jake, “In the past you’ve acted mostly as the villain.  How does it feel to act as the good guy?”

23:01 – “What’s your favorite song at the moment?”

23:35 – For Saoirse, “Honestly, who’s better at playing the guitar? Jake or Max?”

24:31 – “What are the challenges for young thespians that want to kiss in the rain?”

25:28 – “Is Max a good dancer?”

26:40 – “What do you guys do with your downtime on set?”

27:07 – “We know that Max’s favorite sci-fi film is ‘2001.’  Does [Max] or others have a favorite movie musical?”

27:50 – For Jake, “How did you feel in having to strangle Saoirse?”

28:18 – “What kind of made you step back and go, ‘Wow, I’m part of something a little crazy and awesome?'”

28:49 – For Jake and Max, “Do you have a celebrity crush?”

29:21 – For Stephenie, regarding the sequel, “Where are you at? Are you going to give us any hints about what we can expect in the next one? Are we going to see all these folks…”

29:49 – “What do they think of the cave clothes versus the soul clothes?”

30:35 – Regarding the premiere and watching yourself in the movie, “What do you think about when you’re watching yourself, when you saw the finished film for the first time? Are you the kind of actors that can separate yourself from it, or do you nitpick every little part?”

32:25 – Tweeted from Jake, for Max, “Can Max sing some Beiber, please?”



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