Saoirse Ronan Reveals Her Favorite Scene From THE HOST

host-premiere-11-fiThere are plenty of scenes where Saoirse Ronan‘s character has to physically battle it out or just be physically assaulted in The Host, to which you can admire her ability to be the engage in the character she’s supposed to be, but she chooses a different scene altogether that, when you watch it, can probably understand why it was a favorite scene for her.  I certainly felt the emotional depth of it.

“Apart from the hitting scene,” she jokes, “my favorite scene to shoot was the scene with William Hurt where Uncle Jeb comes into the cell that I am in and apologizes for what they have done to the Souls.”

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Ronan says that she valued the simplicity of the moment while still injecting drama and emotion into the scene.

“It was – I hope, anyway – underplayed from both of us,” she says. “I love doing scenes like that, because we didn’t really have any moments like that, where it was that still and that quiet. Also, just working with [Hurt], he’s so brilliant and I really do respect him, so it was great to have a scene with him on my own.”

With such an actor like William Hurt in the film, it certainly lends some gravitas to the scenes that he’s in, and he’s a great Uncle Jeb.

via TheHollywoodReporter.

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