Trailer Is Out for SHADOW AND BONE Sequel, ‘SIEGE AND STORM’

Book 2 of the Grisha Trilogy isn’t scheduled to come out until June, but you’re able to read the first two chapters of Siege and Storm on Facebook.  And now we have the Siege and Storm book trailer!

Here’s what Bardugo had to say: ”The trailer has arrived, and I don’t think it will be spoiling anything to let you know that the man in black is back. Poor Alina. Or lucky Alina, depending on where your sympathies lie. Look closely and you’ll catch glimpses of the Darkling’s symbol and the expanded map. Look even closer and you’ll see me waving from the top of the Little Palace. (Not really, but there’s always the trailer for book 3.) Very excited to share the trailer with you guys. I hope you enjoy it and that you’re counting down to Siege and Storm. Just two months to go!”


Click on image for trailer


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