MISFITS To End After Season 5

As much as I loved the show with the original cast, it’s been hard for me to really connect as well with the current cast of the Misfits.  Not that they haven’t had their moments though.  However, it seems that this current cast orange jumpsuits will be the end of it.

After five series, the launch of numerous careers in front of and behind the camera, and an identity so strong we’ll still be talking about it long after DVD box-sets have been replaced by cerebro-retinal implants, E4’s Misfits deserves a Viking funeral more than it does talk of having been “axed”. Leaving that legacy behind is no mean feat, so it’s with a sad, respectful salute that we report the show is due to end after the soon-to-be-filmed fifth series.

Eight new episodes of the final series will be on air this autumn, starring the renewed cast of Joseph Gilgun, Karla Crome, Nathan McMullen, Matt Stokoe and Natasha O’Keeffe. According to E4 commissioning editor Roberto Troni, “Howard and co have some BIG plans for the last series, and like the characters in the show, it won’t be going quietly. Strap in and enjoy one final glorious ride!”misfits-season4

Murray Ferguson, Chief Executive of Clerkenwell Films, shared much the same sentiment, “Misfits was a bold and confident commission that backed original ideas and new talent, quickly becoming a hit with its audience on E4 and around the world. It’s been great to produce a show that has been able to innovate on screen and online, and that broke new ground premiering with huge success on Hulu in America. Misfits has been an exciting and rewarding ride for us all and we now look forward to ending the show with a bang!”

Making announcements like this are always hard, especially when you’ve come to love the characters, but hopefully with this in mind, they’ll be able to make a splendid finish.  Who will survive?  Who will come back?  Will Howard Overman get his dream realized and have a Misfits movie?  I’d certainly love to see Robert Sheehan‘s Nathan return somehow just because he can.  He is immortal, you know.

via Den of Geek.

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