SHADOW AND BONE Paperback Edition Goes on Sale in May

Considering that I have the Nook version as well as the hardcover version of Shadow and Bone, it would be silly for me to get the paperback version as well, right?  However, there may be something to tempt me to buy it again:

The paperback edition of SHADOW AND BONE goes on sale May 7, 2013! It will feature bonus content including: a letter from Mal to Alina (written the night before he and his friends entered Fjerda to track the stag), an extensive Q&A with Leigh Bardugo, and a sneak peek at SIEGE AND STORM.

Oh Saints! A letter from Mal?  This is exactly how these publishers get you! But if you don’t have the book yet and have been interested in reading it, then I highly recommend getting a copy of this.  

Also, if you’ve already read Shadow and Bone, the first 5 chapters of Siege and Storm are available to read now!

via Shadow & Bone.

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