Emily Bett Rickards Talks the ARROW Series and Cast

Green Arrow TV got an exclusive interview with Emily Bett Rickards, who plays Felicity Smoak on Arrow.  Below are some of the highlights of that 3-part interview: ebr-01

What was your reaction when you found out you’d be a series regular for Arrow Season 2?

I was ecstatic. I was extremely thankful. Grateful. Honored. I’m not usually speechless, but I’m pretty speechless about it. I’m very excited. We have such an excellent cast. Our creative team is extraordinary. The story that they go through in the first season, looking at it from bookend to bookend, is just huge. I’m super thankful.

Were you surprised by the instant fan reaction when Felicity first showed up on the show?

I guess I was kind of in shock…. I sort of said “Oh, that’s so nice. They like her. I’m really glad that they like her.” That’s a huge compliment to me, and a huge compliment to our creative and our writing team. I was just, like, so happy about that… and then thanks to the fans and the reaction, they brought me back. That was great for me, and I got to explore Felicity more. That’s what I’m really excited about.

While everyone’s down in the lair, Oliver’s doing shirtless exercises while Felicity is trying to work. How does she ever concentrate?


Concentrate? She just stares at him. She’s like “oh, there you are, shirtless and getting a spray down.” She’s a great multi-tasker. How’s that sound? [laughs]

Is it possible at all that Felicity might not be all that she appears to be? Could she be a mole for Malcolm Merlyn, or anything like that?

Oh, gee. Not that I know of, actually, but that would be very interesting, eh? I don’t think so. No. But we do get to see Felicity sort of dissolve her fears a little bit, going out into the field, and that sort of thing. I think that’s something to look forward to.

What can you tease about the season finale (airing May 15)?

I’m not allowed to talk about much, but I can tell you that it’s enormous. 22 could be the season finale, and it’s not, so think about taking that one step higher. I think everyone will really enjoy it. Super high stakes. Lots of danger. Lots of sacrifice.

What are the possibilities of a romance between Felicity and Oliver?

Possibilities of “Olicity”… Olicity’s a great ‘ship. I don’t know who came up with that. I would love to meet the first person who came up with it. It’s great.

I don’t know. I’ve said this since Olicity started being ‘shipped, that we get to see the relationship evolve. We get to see them become more honest with each other, and open up… Oliver doesn’t open up to very many people. You know when you meet someone who doesn’t open up to very many people, that you can feel yourself admiring them. You love someone that you’re friends with, and you love someone that you could look up to, and you could love someone you’d admire and could be honest with. I think those are all the right steps into making a relationship, but they also don’t guarantee that one’s going to happen.

What would you like to see for her in Season 2, in general?

Well, I’d like to see her home life. I would like to learn more about her home life and where she comes from. And, obviously I’d like to see her doing combat, but that’s for me, not for Felicity. [laughs] I don’t think she’d be too coordinated.

Yeah, I’d like to see more of her home life; maybe where she comes from, who her parents are.

Have you seen the comic book version of Felicity Smoak? She’s quite different.ebr-03

Yes, I have. She is quite different. I mean, she’s older, and there’s Richard Raymond, and they have that whole thing with Firestorm, so obviously that’s… we’re staying away from actual super powers on the show. So there are things that won’t happen, and things that will, and I like how our writers and our creative team have picked and chosen what they sort of want, and what direction they want tthe show to go in. But, yeah. I’m not that tall. I’m not brunette. I’m not that old. She’s smart. She wasn’t very awkward in the series. I think she was sort of “straight to it,” you know what I mean? But I love Felicity in Arrow. I love her.

Is there anyone that you’d like to work with that you haven’t gotten to work with yet on the series?

I really want to work… I’d love to work with John Barrowman. [laughs] I get to be on set with him… he’s awesome. Everyone’s seen the little musical we all made together. And Susanna [Thompson]. I’d love to… I mean, I’d love to work with everyone, but I’d love to work with Susanna. I really admire her. I admire her work a lot. I admire everyone’s work, but I would really like to work with Susanna, who I haven’t gotten a chance to work with.

Do you think that Oliver is a better person or a better vigilante now that Felicity is part of his “gang?”

I think they’re learning from each other. I think that’s what happens in our relationships and our every day life. And I think whether or not he’s a better person, I think she’s opened his eyes to other aspects. These are real people, you are killing real people, whether or not they’re bad guys, and you are a real person, and you can’t get lost in the vigilante, or else you’re going to destroy your personal life.

Are there any more characters Felicity might meet before season’s end?ebr-04

She does get to meet a couple more characters. We do get to see that. She doesn’t really get to involve herself, too much, with other characters. I mean, our characters cross paths… I think she says hi to Laurel at some point, but there’s nothing crazy.

If and when Walter is possibly found, will Felicity feel that her job is done?

I think she’s more involved than that now. I think she’s left that condition, when she negotiated her being part of the team. She’s found another reason to stay.

You can read the full interview in parts 1, 2, and 3.

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