Spring into the Future authors

from l. to r.: Veronica Rossi, Tahereh Mafi, Ransom Riggs, Anna Carey, Cynthia Hand

I went to a book store event this past week in which I got to meet Cynthia Hand (Boundless, Hallowed, Unearthly), Anna Carey (Eve, Once, Rise), Ransom Riggs (Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Talking Pictures), Tahereh Mafi (Shatter Me, Unravel Me), and Veronica Rossi (Under the Never Sky, Through the Never Sky), who I’ve been really looking forward to meet ever since I fell in love with Peregrine.

I was able to record most of the event, and I will apologize in advanced for my laughter being as loud as it is in the recording.  You can check out the outline below regarding what’s in the video, and you can check out the video after the jump.

And if you’re wondering why they’re standing, the store only had 4 tall chairs and 1 short chair.  Veronical volunteered to stand so the rest could sit on the tall chairs, but they all decided to stand unified  instead.  Isn’t that just sweet?

0:00 – Cynthia Hand in the midst of explaining her book series

1:09 – For Tahereh – regarding book 3 for Juliette Warner and her relationship with Adam/Warner, and a possible teaser of a chapter similar to Chapter 62 in “Unravel Me”

4:20 – For Anna & Cynthia – on completing a series

5:23 – (cutoff) On their writing process and deadlines

9:00 – On having their books picked up for movies, and Tim Burton

10:15 – On rewriting scenes for visualization or possible cinematic effect for movies, and geography or mapping

13:07 – On how much they see of themselves in the characters, and where Tahereh Mafi tells a story about her brothers (quite humorous)

19:18 – For Tahereh regarding Warner’s development in her mind and story development in general

20:46 – On what makes a good villain and their favorite villains

26:48 – On how they came up with the plots for their books (cut-off)

28:28 – Their favorite characters from their books

I didn’t have books from all the authors (I’m not rich, ya know), but here are the books I had signed by Veronica, Tahereh, and Ransom.


Spring Into the Future Tour Stop – with Veronica Rossi, Tahereh Mafi and Others

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