Star Stephen Amell Reveals 10 Things ARROW’s Season End

The Undertaking

Stephen Amell sympathizes with the fans as we’re winding down to the end of the season and our first season break from Arrow.  It was hard enough for fans during the winter and spring hiatus.  Now, we’re close to the months long respite between that ends one chapter and begins another in the fall.  So, here are 10 things that Stephen wants to even tease us more about as we anticipate the final few episodes before summer.

1. The love triangle isn’t over. The scene between Laurel and Oliver outside of Verdant from a few weeks back made it pretty clear that Oliver misses Laurel… and that she misses him. This week, Oliver and Tommy will start to confront their shared affection for Laurel. “We’re actually going to get some clarification as to how Oliver feels [about Laurel] this week. I would expect to see my character and Katie [Cassidy]‘s character together a lot more toward the end of the season,” Stephen says. “And that’s not good for Tommy.”

This was something that was pretty much revealed in last week’s episode, Home Invasion, as Laurel and Tommy protect an orphan and hide out in the Queen mansion.

arrow-s1e21-07b2. Oliver’s issues with his mom will resurface. “Oliver said specifically at the end of Episode 14, we don’t know what the undertaking is and until we do, she’s off limits. Well, we’re going to find out what the Undertaking is soon, and if she’s involved, it’s not going to go quietly into the night.” The tension could potentially lead to Oliver moving out of his mom’s house next season. “God, I hope so,” Stephen laughs. “Even if the season ends with them skipping down the yellow brick road together, I mean, he’s like 30 years old! He needs to get his own apartment. Quote me on that one.”

3. Other heroes will start to come into play. We know that there are other DC Comics heroes in the “Arrow” universe, but Oliver’s connections to those heroes might surprise us. “There’s a wonderful tease at the beginning of the finale, with respect to origins that Oliver has that we don’t know about yet,” Stephen says cryptically.

4. Stephen has been doing more and more of his own stunts — which means more elaborate action sequences for us to enjoy. “We’ve been making fun of my stunt double [Simon Burnett] because for the past three or four days of the finale, he didn’t do anything,” Stephen says (rather gleefully). He’s particularly proud of the scene that opens the season finale, in which we find Oliver chained to the ceiling and left for dead. “He didn’t do a thing, and that’s an incredibly physical sequence. I’m getting better, and the stunt coordinator and the fight choreographer are getting more attuned to what I’m able to do, so when they design these sequences … they are starting to play to my strengths a little bit, so I’m getting to do a ton.”

5. Pre-Island flashbacks in Episode 121, “The Undertaking,” will show a new side of Oliver. “I’d never really played that guy before except for one real quick scene in the pilot, and it went really well … I get to shoot some stuff with Katie, and it was just fun to play that character, to be carefree,” he says, referring to Oliver before the Island. The flashbacks reveal why Oliver brings Sara on the Queen’s Gambit instead of Laurel, and when he does, we’ll get a glimpse of Oliver’s relationship with his father. “His father’s kind of saying, ‘That’s not the best idea,’ but also giving him the secret high-five,” Stephen jokes.

arrow-stills-040813-02b6. A meaningful scene between Oliver and Roy is coming. Stephen tells us that we can look forward to Oliver confronting Roy in a scene with Thea, which will establish their relationship. Expect to see much more of their connection next season. “While we are servicing a lot of our storylines for Season 1, you do start to see Easter eggs for Season 2,” he says. “Thea and Roy are on the trail of the vigilante … and if the police can’t just up and catch him, they’re not going to just up and catch him, but Oliver does catch wind of this before the end of the season, which leads to some interesting interaction between the three of them.”

7. The second-to-last episode is so good, people might confuse it for a finale. “I’m going to have to do a very good job letting people know that Episode 22 is not our season finale,” he laughs. “Because there’s enough in Episode 22, both in the present and on the island, that you could just say ‘Okay, that’s it. I need a break until October.'”

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