ARROW EP Andrew Kreisberg Teases Everything on First Season Finale

Executive producer of Arrow, Andrew Kreisberg, gives us some things to think about as the first season is about to come to a close, but basically, for all his answering of questions, the ultimate response is just to watch the season finale.  With that in mind, check out what he has to say about Tommy Merlyn’s future, Roy and Thea’s relationship, Oliver and John’s bromance, and Malcolm Merlyn’s realization of who the Hood is:

After witnessing the Laurel/Oliver tryst will Tommy’s broken heart propel him down a much darker path for the 2nd season?
ANDREW:  Tommy’s broken heart will put people to a very unexpected place. There have been the fans waiting for Tommy to turn to the darkside and then there are fans that are hoping he won’t.  I think in the finale, the way things lay out, people are going to be both surprised and, we hope, gratified at the path that Tommy takes.

So Tommy could be taking a path of his own choosing and he may not be choosing the light path or the dark path yet?
ANDREW:  Everyone in the finale is faced with a choice and I think Tommy’s choice is one of the more interesting that we have come up with.

Oliver is of course going to be keeping this big secret from Laurel as he’s probably not going to be telling her about his secret identity any time soon.  How long can their romance last in the face of that challenge?
ANDREW:  (Laughs) I don’t know. They got away with it for a pretty long time on SMALLVILLE.  I think Season 1 has proven to the audience that we’re interested in defying expectations. So in Season 2 some people may find out Oliver’s secret and it may not be who people are expecting; but at the heart of the series is the Oliver/Laurel romance. So if her finding out sooner rather than later is the most exciting and dramatic way to tell the story, then that’s something we’ll pursue.  But if her being none the wiser serves our purposes, then that’s what we’ll stick with.

What about Roy and Thea? We saw their painful breakup in the last episode. Is there going to be any hope for them or is Roy going to be determinedly following his own path?
ANDREW: The Roy/Thea relationship is something we’re really invested in and it’s something we’re looking forward to playing with moving forward.  They’re crazy kids. They say things they didn’t mean.  They have some great scenes in the finale that we’re really excited about.

One of things we’ve noticed is there are a lot of raging hormones on the show and you are not afraid to go there. What would you say is the next coupling that people should keep an eye out for?
ANDREW:  Good question.  I don’t think there’s any new couplings in the finale that are going to surprise people, but we have some ideas for Season 2 that we think will be some jaw-droppers.

The other big shocker was the hood coming off and Malcolm Merlyn discovering the identity of Oliver as the Hood? How does that bode for Malcolm?
ANDREW:  It’s all personal now.  It’s one of the things we’re proudest – how we designed this season and that we hit upon Malcolm as the ultimate villain. It’s Shakespearean since he killed Oliver’s father. There’s that vendetta to settle.  But they have all been family friends for so long.  I think Malcolm’s reaction at the end was the most telling. He wasn’t necessarily happy to have beaten the Hood because when he discovers its Oliver, his first reaction is “oh no,” because now he knows he may have to kill his son’s best friend and it’s already broken his heart to have to kill Robert. He doesn’t want to cause Moira or the Queen family any more pain – but, as always, Malcolm’s pain comes first and that could have dire consequences both for the city and the Queen family in the finale.

Rumor is that there may be a big death in the finale. Is that going to be happening? Are we going to have hold our breath?
ANDREW:  (Laughs) You don’t really want to know, do you?  My wife watched the last episode and she said, “I haven’t felt like this since we watched ‘24’ together.”  So that made me really proud.  I think people should tune in for the finale.  It’s definitely a game-changer and I think people are going to be shocked by the outcome—and that’s as much as Warner Bros., DC, and my own conscience let me say.

Getting back to ARROW, what part is Diggle going to play in the finale?
ANDREW:  It’s a real nice culmination of Oliver and Diggle’s friendship from over the course of the season. When we started they were wary of each other and very distrustful and they have had several falling outs over the course of the season. But it’s really nice to see them come together as friends and partners in the finale.  The character of Diggle is something we’re so proud of because he’s not from the comics and he’s really our own invention.  He’s become a fan favorite and now you almost can’t imagine the Green Arrow without his trusted friend and bodyguard, John Diggle.  I think that important status in Oliver Queen’s life really is cemented in the finale.

You can read the full interview at the TV addict.

Check out the season finale images below, courtesy of GreenArrowTV:

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