THE FALL OF FIVE: More Prophecy Quotes – Number Six and Marina

We’ve gotten quotes from John Smith, Sarah Hart, and Sam Goode.  Now for a couple from some of the other Garde, one of whom is my favorite so far.

Six has already been taken captive by the Mogs once—and she lived to tell about it. She’s not going to let that happen to her again, no matter what.


Number Six is definitely one of those characters that I’d put on my Top 5 Female List (which I still have yet to make).  She’s tough and she’s smart and she’s fearless.  Can’t wait to read more about her.


Marina’s definitely an interesting character and I believe we have yet to know her real strength.

Marina’s not a warrior like some of the other Garde. Her Legacies can’t really help her in battle …or has she just been looking at them the wrong way?

via I Am Number Four Facebook.

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