Camaro Concept Car to be in TURBO Animated Movie

Well, this is somewhat of a new approach in filmmaking.  It seems that DreamWorks Animation and Chevrolet have partnered up to introduce a Camaro concept car into the animated film, Turbo.

Below, you can check out the video about this whole idea, as well as a chance for you to win tickets to the premiere of the movie in your area:

While moviegoers are probably used to seeing cars featured prominently in film, this collaboration between Chevrolet and DreamWorks Animation serves to enhance the film’s racing-inspired theme and adds a layer of authenticity to this awesome story that is bound to touch the hearts of children and adults alike.

In the video, GM’s General Director for Branded Entertainment, Steve Tihanyi, and GM’s Head of Consumer Affairs, James Bell, offer excited fans the first glimpse of what they can look forward to seeing in the movie, as well as an awesome real-life replica of the custom Camaro ZL1 featured in Turbo. Tihanyi and Bell also discuss GM’s involvement in the film and chances for fans to win tickets through two special promotions, including receiving tickets through television and radio contests and a children’s contest of illustrating their ultimate dream.

The replica was created specifically to bring life to the Camaro character in the film. The ZL1, complete with 580 horsepower, features 24-in. wheels, carbon fiber spoiler, and a through-the-hood supercharger, among other customizations.

Read more here.

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