RFTN: Rumor Mill Reports an X-FILES 20th Anniversary Panel at Comic-Con

This is completely news to me… or I guess I should say rumor news, but still, it kind of makes sense that there would be such a thing as an X-Files 20th anniversary panel.  I mean, where else could something like this possibly take place except at a convention, and what better convention than San Diego Comic-Con.

(Source: SciFiCool

(Source: SciFiCool)

Late last night one of our readers, @metsskinsdawgs, notified us via Twitter the most recent issue of TV Guide Magazine lists its panels for this year’s Comic-Con: TV Guide Magazine Celebrates The X-Files 20th Anniversary and TV Guide Magazine Fan Favorites.

For The X-Files 20th Anniversary Panel, panel guests listed are Chris Charter, Vince Gilligan and “other writers and producers”, per the tweet. Our reader states “nothing about actors”, meaning Duchovny and Anderson are not listed among the panel guests; however we do know Anderson will be signing at the Lightspeed Fine Art booth this year, so it’s entirely possible that she’ll make an appearance. The panel is on Thursday, no details on time or room.

I didn’t even know that Gillian Anderson was going to even be there for Comic-Con, which fills me with joy and sadness at the same time, because knowing how my schedule can be at Comic-Con, and with so many events going on at the same time, I may not even be there for her signing or for the 20th anniversary panel, which would make me remiss of the fact that I do not have a clone of myself.

Even if David and Gillian were not to appear at the panel, if there will be such a panel, I would love to be there for it.  Wouldn’t you?

via San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog.

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