ARROW’s Stephen Amell Reveals Painted Glass Windows

There’s no question that Stephen Amell loves to tease his fans. Here’s his latest teaser for Arrow‘s Season 2, and it involves painted glass windows!

Let’s just say that Stephen + Vine = crazed fans.

And the Comic-Con preview edition of Entertainment Weekly magazine gave us a digital image of what Ollie’s new lair is going to look like for Season 2. The lair looks to be decidedly more digitized and technically superior, which will probably show Felicity’s (Emily Bett Rickards) geek sense. Exec producer Marc Guggenheim stated, “It was in desperate need of some repair.”

In regards to the pace of the show’s second season, now that they’ve pounded fans with a torrent of villains, and whether it’s going to slow down, Marc said that “the first four episodes are basically a statement that nothing could be further from the truth.”

And what about Oliver’s change of role this coming season? Marc lets us know that there will be a change in that, at least. “If last year was about Oliver going from being this vigilante on a mission of revenge to accepting his larger role in the city, this season is about how does he go from vigilante to hero?”

Will anything change in regards to the Hood’s weaponry? Marc does reveal that “all of his Arrow equipment was old-school. This year it’s all very high-tech.”

How many of you are looking forward to this Sophomore season?

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