Nat Wolff and Laura Dern Confirmed for THE FAULT IN OUR STARS

It was announced last week that Nat Wolff, who’s in Josh Boone’s directorial debut movie, Stuck in Love, will now also be playing a role in The Fault In Our Stars, this time as Isaac, Augustus Waters’ best friend.

It was already hinted that he might get at part in the anticipated film, but nothing was confirmed at the time.

Not only did we get confirmation on the Isaac casting, but that very same day, it was announced that Laura Dern has also been cast in the movie, in the role of Hazel’s every-so-cheery mom, Frannie Lancaster.

How exciting is this to have the casting near completion! I congratulate both of them and I look forward to seeing them bring the characters to life.

Filming is set to start in Pittsburgh on August 26th, and conclude in Amsterdam in October.

Thanks to Fangirlish for the heads up!

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