Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl Talk DANGEROUS CREATURES, and One Really Hot New Character

Beautiful Creatures authors Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl were interviewed by Hollywood Crush on their newest series together, Dangerous Creatures, and basically revealed some awesome information to whet the fans’ appetite for what to expect in this spinoff series based on Ridley Duchannes and Link.

Hollywood Crush: When we spoke at New York Comic-Con last year, you quoted Justin Bieber, warning “never say never” to another collaboration, and now we have news of the “Dangerous Creatures” spin-off. How long has this been up your sleeves?

Margaret Stohl: We talked about it. You know what, we were in Rome for my birthday and Paris for Kami’s birthday on different tours, and every time we’ve gotten together, we’ve hatched this plan. And we have known the backstory and frontstory and sidestories for the Caster Chronicles for so long. It was more a question of, could we clear out the schedule and get Little, Brown to focus, and could we focus on it, and we finally did. We’re so excited. It’s our big, huge secret.

Hollywood Crush: Did you spend a lot of time developing these backstories while writing “Beautiful Creatures”?

Kami Garcia: It was interesting because some of them we knew. There were things like, this is what they would have done here. This is what happened there. But really, it was so easy because once we knew the trajectory of what the focus of the series would be about, they’re so much fun to write, and we know this world so well that it was like, if anything, we had too many ideas. We had too much material and so many ideas and so many old characters people love and new characters we’ve created. You know, as usual, it’s so easy when the two of us get together. We just start talking and so much comes out of it.

Hollywood Crush: Then how did you settle on Link and Ridley?

Stohl: They’ve been fan favorites for so long. They were the original fan favorites when we were writing the series. Kami’s sister and my daughter, they kept coming back and saying, “What’s going on with Link? What’s going on with Ridley? She’s so bad!”

Garcia: But also, we can’t count the number of emails, tweets, fan mail that we get about, “Why don’t you write something about Link and Ridley? You should do a spin-off. Link and Ridley deserve their own book.”

Stohl: I’ve been sent a Barbie doll with a pink stripe in her hair. They’re not joking around. That part’s been really fun.

Hollywood Crush: Link and Ridley have had such a tumultuous relationship. Are they finally ready to commit?

Garcia and Stohl (in unison): We can’t tell you that!

Stohl: It’s never easy trying to out with a siren. We should also tell you—I think Hollywood Crush is the right place to tell them—that one of the characters, one of our new characters, is possibly one of the hottest guys the caster world has known.

Garcia: He’s definitely third-degree burns hot. He makes John Breed pale in comparison.

Stohl: We can tell you that his name is Lennox Gates (a.k.a. Nox). He is, let’s put it this way, not a good boy.

Hollywood Crush: All right then! What can you tell us about the enovella, “Beautiful [sic] Dream”?

Stohl: It starts on graduation day. I don’t know what else we’re allowed to say. Kami?

Garcia: You’ll be in Gatlin for a little while, but there’s also a part of the story that takes place outside of Gatlin. We can’t tell you where that is. The first book is set in New York City.

Stohl: You do know that Link has to follow his dreams, which they’ve always never been going to lead him to college, so we have Link and his dream of becoming a rock star, and so that will feature into the future series.

Garcia: Our plan is that each book would be set in a different place. It’s not like the whole thing would be in New York. You would go back and forth among different places, but the major setting of each book would be different.

Hollywood Crush: Will we revisit some of our favorite “Beautiful Creatures” characters?

Garcia: Yes. In the enovella, you’ll see for sure Ethan and Lena, Lincoln and Ridley, John and Liv, and they’re going to make appearances in the books, so it’s not like you’re never going to see them again.

Hollywood Crush: Why start the series with an enovella?

Garcia: To kind of bridge it. To give people a little taste. First of all, there’s no way we could have written the entire book as quick as we could have gotten the enovella done.

Stohl: This has fallen into place since this past spring. It’s been really fast.

Garcia: So we had to do it quickly, and we didn’t want to make an announcement and make them wait eight months or six months for a book, so we figured this way, we make an announcement, we give them a little taste of what’s to come and something to enjoy that’s both “Beautiful Creatures” and “Dangerous Creatures,” and then they don’t have as long to wait for the book.

You can read the full interview at Hollywood Crush.

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