What We’ll See in the Final Season of MISFITS

Sure, this cast of characters and the storylines haven’t really kept people watching the show, especially after most of the original cast has gone, but that’s not to say that I’m not rooting for a big season sendoff.  Here’s what to expect from the 5th and final season/series of Misfits.

The final series will mark the first anniversary of the storm

With alternate realities, flashbacks and flashforwards, the timeline of ‘Misfits’ can be quite confusing, however, it has been confirmed that this series will mark a year on from the pilot episode.

A support group for those with unwanted super powers starts up on the estate… and Dark Rudy will attend

On the anniversary of the storm, more and more people are coming forward to discuss the ramifications of their new powers. As Dark Rudy has never shied away from his emotions, of course, he is the first to turn up at the support group. We can be sure to see over-the-top Rudy mocking his choice to go there and Dark Rudy perhaps saying a little too much to his new friends.

We’ll meet new characters with surprising powers

We’ll see an influx of people with unwanted superpowers at the support groups. Some of these powers supposedly include the ability to knit visions of the future, the ability to take others powers through sexual intercourse and the capacity to transform into a turtle.

Whilst the latter would suggest the show will still feature more comical plot points, the ability to knit visions of the future could see the return of some of the plot jumps that were so popular early on.

Our heroes apparently face a “very different future”

The community service workers will supposedly find themselves facing a “very different future” when ‘Misfits’ returns. This future could possibly be revealed by the knitter set to appear in the support group and will undoubtedly be the driving force of the final series.

We’ll see some “real life A-grade super-powered vigilantes”

With our Misfits set to see a bleak future, the show will apparently feature a group of ‘Kick-Ass’ style vigilantes. Armed with their superpowers we could see them fight against the worrying imminent prospects facing the world or possibly against those who choose to abuse their powers…

There will be eight episodes in the series

The final series will comprise of eight sixty-minute episodes and will see the return of writer Howard Overman and executive producers Murray Ferguson and Petra Fried. Although the series will mark the end of the television show, we can still cling on to the rumours that a ‘Misfits’ film featuring the original cast could soon be gracing the big screen…

Natasha O’Keeffe, Nathan McMullen, Matt Stokoe, Karla Crome and Joseph Gilgun (pictured above from left to right) are all returning for the final series.

via Yahoo TV UK.

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