Blue-Footed Boobies To Star in DREAMWORKS Animation Project

The name of the animal can cause a chuckle or two, but I think they would be awfully awesome as animated characters, and DreamWorks Animation also thinks so, which is why they are making a project about them.  There isn’t much known about the project yet, but here’s some info on it:

DreamWorks’ untitled original comedy is about a dim-witted blue-footed booby who learns blue-footed-boobiesthat it isn’t the size of your brain, but the size of your heart that counts.  Directed by Karey Kirkpatrick (Over the Hedge, Chicken Run), who will co-write with partner Chris Pochẽ, the project is being overseen at the studio by DreamWorks Animation’s Alex Schwartz and Damon Ross.

“I’m excited to be back at the helm for DreamWorks Animation which has been my home base for the last fifteen years,” said Karey Kirkpatrick.  “This is especially meaningful because I have the opportunity to work on a project about boobies, which as you can imagine, is a dream come true.”

via DreamWorks Animation.

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