SHATTER ME 2.5 Title Is FRACTURE ME, Featuring…

Adam Kent!

Yes, Shatter Me fans, we now know that the novella is titled Fracture Me and is expected to come out sometime around December 17, 2013, which will be released a couple of months before Ignite Me, the third and final book of the Shatter Me trilogy.

I know there is some sort of outcry about this short being from the point of view of Adam Kent, but frankly, it makes sense. He’s a significant part of the story and although I know that Tahereh Mafi told me herself that she wasn’t sure if she’d want this novella to be told from his point of view due to revealing too much about him that she wanted to save for the third book, I’m glad that she was able to work it out.

As far as the title goes, I have no opinion on it. It’s a title that fits the Shatter Me series just fine and I’m just looking forward to the content.

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