RFBN: Buy Brandon Sanderson’s STEELHEART At the Airport and You May Find a Gift

Author Brandon Sanderson is doing something a little unique when he visits an airport of a city he’s stopping at during his book tour – and that is he’s slipping lenticular promotional ‘Newcago’ postcards into some copies of his latest book, Steelheart.

Fans of Brandon Sanderson who touch down at major city airports in the coming weeks could be in for a treat. Delacorte released his YA fantasy, Steelheart, book one of the Reckoners trilogy, on September 24, and the author has teamed up with the publisher to orchestrate the “Steelhunt” promotion. At every stop on his current 15-city, 26-day author tour, Sanderson is visiting an airport bookstore to sign books and slip into some copies a lenticular promotional postcard. The author then tweets his followers clues to where the cards can be found. The lenticulars include a URL and a code that unlocks a special area of Sanderson’s Web site, where fans will find a chapter of Words of Radiance, book two of the Stormlight Archive, which pubs next March.

This isn’t the first time Sanderson has been known to go into airport bookstores to treat his readers to something special in his books.  He has been known to sign his books, even without having the employees at the bookstore knowing it, and then tweet about it to let his fans know.


Then “about two books ago,” the author took his spontaneous autographings a step further, and decided to “hide some fun stuff” in the books he signed – a gimmick one fan coined “Brandalizing” the books. For the Steelhunt, Sanderson’s assistant, Isaac Stewart, designed the lenticular postcard, taking a stock image of the Chicago skyline and turning it into “Newcago,” the city of steel (the work of the novel’s eponymous villain) that serves as the book’s setting.

So, if you have a relative/friend who travels often and happens to be in an airport where Brandon visited, you might want to pay special attention to his tweets and see about recommending said acquaintance a Brandon Sanderson book.

via Publisher’s Weekly.

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