ARROW’s “The Scientist” Previews and Clip

So, there might be a new show coming on the CW, and depending on how this episode is received by the viewers will probably decide whether it will actually happen, as Arrow introduces a new character named Barry Allen (Grant Gustin).

For those familiar with DC, they’ll know that name is The Flash’s true identity.  I can’t wait to see how Grant does in portraying the character.  As much as I’m sure he’s great at the whole singing and choreography stuff that is essential in Gustin’s previous series, Glee, I doubt we’ll be seeing any of that type of movement from him here.

Here’s the producer’s preview, in which Andrew Kreisberg talks about finding the right actor to play Barry Allen.

Check out a clip from the episode in which Barry and Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) meet for the first time, and Ollie takes a little jab at his youthful appearance.

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