Robert Knepper on his role as baddie Clock King in ARROW

I think Robert Knepper plays awesome bad guys.  He did his best bad guy role as Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell in the excellent TV series Prison Break.  And he’s had turns in other TV series, including Heroes and Cult, and even in the movie Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters as Kronos (didn’t recognize him, did ya?)

Now, he’s to play another baddie that seems fitting for Mr. Knepper.  He will be playing William Tockman, aka Clock King, a techie genius, much like our Felicity Smoak, only eeeeevil.  So, of course, he would be her adversary more than Oliver Queen’s.

Here’s what the actor said about bringing the role to life:

“The most important thing for us was to make him real and believable, as opposed to a cartoon character,” Knepper tells The Hollywood Reporter of his time-obsessed character. “I’ve got a little OCD in myself but I’m not as OCD as this guy is. If I was I’d be a rich man, robbing banks and doing what this guy does.” Describing himself as “easygoing,” Knepper differentiated himself from his on-screen persona: “He’s wound-up, if you will. He had a very, very good reason for doing what he was doing for a family member.”

The Clock King’s face-off with Felicity is less of a showcase of brawn and physicality, but rather intelligence and wit.

“Most of the time it’s a chess game between us, where I’m following her movements and they don’t know where I’m at,” says Knepper, who worked mainly with Emily Bett Rickards and Katie Cassidy. “We have the big climax where we come together, which I hope is a tease — it seemed to be written this way — that this is just the beginning of this character and folding him into the story.”

It will be interesting to see how Robert does with this one, considering that he actually only spent one 14-hour day on set and he wasn’t very familiar with the character he portrayed.  However, given his experience, I’m sure he’ll do fine making the character easy to dislike.

Check out the clip from “Time of Death”:

via THR.

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