REVIEW: LAST SACRIFICE (novel) by Richelle Mead

Last Sacrifice
Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

All the wheels aligned into place and although I can’t say it was altogether predictable, it also wasn’t completely unexpected.

Overall I was happy with how everything concluded.

There were some interesting subplots. However, one particular scene, I wasn’t too sure needed be there aside from creating a convenient out for a specific situation. It did, make for a humorous scene for Rose, but overall, I’m not fairly sure it was needed.

It was nice to have the issues that surfaced from the beginning resurface and be concluded. And some of the political intrigue that took up about the book was interesting enough. And it was nice to see how some of the side characters became involved in the whole storyline.

I think the only issue I had was that, for me, I never felt really connected to one character. I felt bits of a connection for each one, but not a huge amount for any particular one. But if I were to have to pick, the most connection I felt was probably with Dimitri at this point, due to his realization of his own feelings of regret and loss, something that every human has experienced quite a bit of in one way or another.

As much as I loved Rose’s determination and ferocity and strong will, those were the same reasons I couldn’t connect with her that much in this book, and maybe not in any of the books, but maybe that’s because she’s a dhampir.

Considering all that, the book was a nice finale to this series. It may have been a bit convenient how everything turned out, but it was enjoyable. And I’m interested to see how things develop for some of the side characters in the next series, which I will be reading in the near future.

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