THE BONE SEASON Author Samantha Shannon Would Love to Have Benedict Cumberbatch Play…

Glamour Magazine posted an article recently on a Q&A session with Samantha Shannon, author of The Bone Season.  When asked whom she would like to play the characters from her book in the movie version, one of the names she stated was BBC’s Sherlock’s leading man Benedict Cumberbatch, but probably not for the role you would initially think.

I’ve thought about it for a while, but I always hit a blank with Paige and Warden. They look a very particular way in my head and it’s difficult to match that to anyone in Hollywood. I’d love Jaxon Hall to be played by Benedict Cumberbatch, though, and I think Alexander Skarsgård would make a wonderful Nick.

A movie with both Benedict Cumberbatch and Alexander Skarsgård?  Well, it’s not inconceivable, at least.  I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing Benny as the not-so-kindly gang-type leader.  As for who would play Warden, it’s not like there aren’t enough good looking British lads out there to choose from, but I would have to agree with the author in having difficulty matching an actor to play the role.

Who do you think could play the role of Warden?  And do you agree with Samantha’s choices for Jaxon and Nick?

Maybe you can talk to her about it if she makes a stop in or near your town?  Check out the tour dates and cities below!


via UK.

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