Review: THE ONE (novel) by Kiera Cass

The One by Kiera Cass
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One thing I will say is that I’m happy with America’s end game. To this point, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, who America was going to end up with and such. I mean, I had my ideas, but at the same time, I wasn’t going to favor one guy so easily over another guy.

But in the end, I was glad.

That doesn’t mean to say that the journey this book took wasn’t at times frustrating, but at least it didn’t wait until the last minute to bring about the political/rebellion issues. They played a decent part in the storyline, but didn’t detract from the main plot.

Ultimately though, the romance is what we’re all reading this for.  And one thing I’m really glad about is that America realized who she wanted to be with soon enough in the book.  The frustrating part about it was just her doubts about everything else.

There were some really nice moments and character developments that I enjoyed. And there were some really hurtful and irritating moments as well.

Essentially, after reading the 1st and 2nd book, I can honestly say this series did it’s part in entertaining me. Was it a fun read? Yes, and there were some sad and harsh moments, but overall it was fun. Did I connect with or relate to the characters? Sometimes. Was it super insightful and thought provoking? Probably not so much.

Do I think it there could’ve been more? Well, that’s really subjective. For me, it was a simple read that had interesting ideas and a main protagonist that sometimes irritated me and yet I understood her.

At times I felt there could’ve been more to the story, including Maxon and his relationship with his father, and even his mother. There could’ve been more with Aspen or some of the other side characters, I suppose, too, but this is America’s story.  And she had a lot of interesting events happen during her time in the palace.

But I didn’t hate the book, and I didn’t feel that the characters betrayed who they were in the end, so I’m happy about that.

I think, for the author’s target audience, this is a very good read, so I hope all the teens really enjoy this one.

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