Devon Aoki In Recurring Role in ARROW

As expected, we’ll have some characters introduced into Season 3 of Arrow, one of them being Katana, who will be played by Devon Aoki.  Devon hasn’t appeared in any movies or TV shows in a few years, but is most recognized for her roles in Sin City and 2 Fast 2 Furious.

Model/actress Devon Aoki has landed a major recurring role on “Arrow”. The 31-year-old star, whose acting credits include a role in 2003’s “2 Fast 2 Furious” and 2005’s “Sin City”, will guest star as Katana a.k.a. Tatsu Yamashiro in the upcoming third season of The CW’s action superhero series.

The character is described as a Japanese martial arts expert who wields a deadly sword, a blade from which her codename Katana is derived. According to Deadline, on the show, “Tatsu will be one of Oliver’s mentors in the flashbacks and a critical influence on his journey to eventually become the Arrow of present day.”

If you recall, Devon’s half brother, Steve Aoki, appeared as himself in Season 1’s episode “The Huntress Returns.” He was the hired guest DJ for Ollie and Tommy Malcolm’s night club opening.  I’m excited to see what Devon will bring to her role.

via AceShowbiz.

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