Steven Spielberg, Stop Killing Our Extinct Dinosaurs!

I used to admire Steven Spielberg for his awesome films.  That is, until I saw this!


How could he proudly sit there in front of the dead beautiful creature of God?!  And apparently, this isn’t his first hunt!


Now’s the time to show our support for those innocent three-horned behemoths and use the image below and tweet it out, or post on Instagram, or blog on Tumblr!  This type of illegal hunting has to be stopped!



(Of course I’m being sarcastic.  I certainly don’t condone hunting endangered species, especially for the “fun” of it, but I do realize that triceratops are actually extinct, as will all other dinosaurs.  I figured it best to make this statement for fear that people might actually think I’m serious about this.  However, you are more than welcome to download the “Save the Triceratops” images and post them wherever you wish.)

Thanks Jay Branscomb!

via HitFix

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