‘SUPERNATURAL’ Images from Episode “Remember the Titans”

Here are the still images for this week's 'Supernatural' episode, titled "Remember the Titans."  And no, it doesn't star Denzel Washington, nor does it have Ryan Gosling singing and dancing to country music (sadly).  Guest stars are Anna von Hooft as Artemis, John Reardon as Prometheus, John Novak as Zeus, and Callum Seagram Airlie as Oliver. … Continue reading ‘SUPERNATURAL’ Images from Episode “Remember the Titans”

Preview and Clip of ‘SUPERNATURAL’ Episode “Remember the Titans”

The Winchesters not only have to deal with angels and deals and all the classic monsters that earth summons, but now it seems there's an uncharted territory they had to get mixed up in to add to the complexity of their hunter lives. GODS VS. ZOMBIES — Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are … Continue reading Preview and Clip of ‘SUPERNATURAL’ Episode “Remember the Titans”