‘THE HOST’ Screenshots Taken From Featurettes

If you just can't get enough images from 'The Host,' well, here's some screenshots from the Ian O'Shea Featurette for you to hopefully quench that particular thirst a bit. And because they had another trailer, here's another set of screenshots from the Choose to Love Featurette as well! For more screenshots from The Host, check … Continue reading ‘THE HOST’ Screenshots Taken From Featurettes

‘THE HOST’ Featurette – “Choose to Love”

Valentine's Day is over for 2013, but love is very much still a part of humanity all the other days of the year. ¬†Sappy as that is, it's true. ¬† Not that this is an ultimate representation of that, but it's still a great story and I will continue to count down the days until … Continue reading ‘THE HOST’ Featurette – “Choose to Love”