Highlights from ARROW’s PaleyFest Panel

The PaleyFest welcomed a handful of excellent television shows to come and talk about their respective shows.  One of those shows was 'Arrow' and boy, did they have a lot to talk about, and tease.   From what we saw, the following is a list of what we can expect in the remaining episodes of … Continue reading Highlights from ARROW’s PaleyFest Panel

‘ARROW’ Preview for Episode 17 – “The Huntress Returns”

We've had a few weeks to calm ourselves from the events of Arrow's "Dead to Rights" episode, and so we're more than ready to see what's next for Oliver Queen and his team as "The Huntress Returns" to Starling City, more fierce than ever.  Read the synopsis after the jump. EDM MEGASTAR STEVE AOKI OPENS OLIVER’S … Continue reading ‘ARROW’ Preview for Episode 17 – “The Huntress Returns”