My Weekend at Comic-Con 2014

This being my 18th year attending Comic-Con (although I mistakenly said 17 to everyone I mentioned it to at the Con), you'd like one would get tired of it.  But that's the glory of Comic-Con, it doesn't get old.  There's always, and I mean always, something different, something new, to experience.  Granted, an event of … Continue reading My Weekend at Comic-Con 2014

Comic-Con 2013 Photos: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

We now conclude my Saturday photos with Marvel's final surprise of the panel, and that is the introduction of the Guardians of the Galaxy cast! This is such a quirky set of characters to get a movie on, but I'm a freakin' looking forward to how it comes out, both in its visuals (especially with … Continue reading Comic-Con 2013 Photos: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY