Superhero Wednesday: Marvel – ‘THE WOLVERINE’

Due to my inability to be at two places at the same time, I've had to rearrange the schedule for this past week and this coming week and temporarily move Superhero news to Wednesday. Thus will be the same for next week. Anyway, here you go. A compilation of all things The Wolverine. UPDATE: The … Continue reading Superhero Wednesday: Marvel – ‘THE WOLVERINE’

Superhero Saturday: Marvel – ‘THE WOLVERINE’

Two Photoscans from Total Magazine via GeekTyrant. Black and White Portraits Director James Mangold is hard at work on the upcoming solo X-Men film The Wolverine, but he took some time off to share some really cool portraits of the film's lead actors. Taken on the final day of production for the film, below you'll … Continue reading Superhero Saturday: Marvel – ‘THE WOLVERINE’