Superhero Wednesday – Marvel: IRON MAN 3 – *Spoilers*

Rebecca Hall Talks Iron Man 3 At the Broadcasting Press Guild Television and Radio Awards, Rebecca Hall not only got to talk about her co-star in Parade's End, Benedict Cumberbatch, but she also spoke briefly about working on Iron Man 3 as well as working with Ben Kingsley, who plays the Mandarin in the film. … Continue reading Superhero Wednesday – Marvel: IRON MAN 3 – *Spoilers*

10 Second Game Spot Teaser For Teaser of ‘IRON MAN 3’

Hey look!  It's a gif from Tumblr!  Just kidding.  It's a 10-second teaser for the teaser trailer that will be shown during this Sunday's SuperBowl game.  It's fast, but it shows you just about everyone involved in the movie in some state of moroseness.  Well, almost everyone.