Kami Garcia Talks About the Inspiration Behind the Story of UNBREAKABLE

Beautiful Creatures co-author Kami Garcia is now on tour for her new book Unbreakable, and, fortunately for me, will be hitting my city tonight.  In the video below, she talks about what inspired the story of Unbreakable. http://youtu.be/CRx0EME5-L8

Kami Garcia Talks About Her UNBREAKABLE Playlist

Kami Garcia, who co-authored the Caster Chronicles, talks about music and music references in her new book, Unbreakable.  Check out this video in which she explains her musical preferences: http://youtu.be/-kJ7yam3Trs You can listen to Unbreakable playlist below, and enter to win an Unbreakable prize pack from Mundie Moms after the jump. http://open.spotify.com/user/1231282532/playlist/3WPAlirdfFeu36p5z36Oa1 Unbreakable synopsis: When … Continue reading Kami Garcia Talks About Her UNBREAKABLE Playlist