MISFITS To End After Season 5

As much as I loved the show with the original cast, it's been hard for me to really connect as well with the current cast of the Misfits.  Not that they haven't had their moments though.  However, it seems that this current cast orange jumpsuits will be the end of it. After five series, the … Continue reading MISFITS To End After Season 5

Interviews With ‘MISFITS’ Matt Stokoe

It seems that Matt Stokoe has a lot to say about his character on the show 'Misfits.'  But of course, there's a lot to talk about considering his character.  So, here we have Q&A from 2 different website articles.  You may not like Alex, but Matt seems like a generally nice guy.  Read it for … Continue reading Interviews With ‘MISFITS’ Matt Stokoe