Tahereh Mafi Gives Teaser for IGNITE ME

So, Tahereh Mafi is a big fan of torturing her readers with teasers. Hence, here's one for Ignite Me: "Warner is wearing a towel." #IGNITEME— Tahereh Mafi (@TaherehMafi) October 24, 2013 (featured image by Brynne)

SHATTER ME Fan Art: “Dimples” by Ice-Ridden

You're probably thinking that there's been a disturbing lack of fan art lately on this site, and it's true. ¬†Unfortunately, there has been, so here's something for you who do not wish to spend hours upon hours trapped in Tumblr, and just seek something to calm your mind. ¬† I, myself, am not a big … Continue reading SHATTER ME Fan Art: “Dimples” by Ice-Ridden